How to Clean Your Eyelash Extensions at Home

People give so much pay to washing our hair, cleansing our face and moisturizing our body – but one thing that often gets forgotten is eyelashes. If you think about it, your eyelashes do a lot of heavy lifting! They protect your eyes from airborne dust, lint and other debris. They act like a filter for your eyes and like most filters, they only work properly when they’re clean and maintained. It’s important that everyone maintains their lash health but if you also have beautiful lash extensions – cleansing will prolong the life of your lashes as well. It truly is a win-win! Follow our top tips below when cleansing your eyelash extensions. 

  1. Avoid oil-based products
Oil-based products can break down the glue bond underneath your lash extensions. This causes your extensions to fall from your natural lash earlier than the lash is ready to shed. If you’re wearing lash extensions, avoid oil-based products around your eye area when cleansing your face or lashes. 
   2.  Use a gentle lash cleanser
At we are passionate about lash health. Our master lash technicians will never apply lashes that are too heavy or that will cause damage to your natural lashes. They’re also incredibly passionate about lash aftercare which is why every new customer is gifted a full-size foaming lash wash and detailed aftercare instructions. This is a custom-blend foaming cleanser made in-house to ensure it is always at optimal freshness. It’s also water-based so there are no oils that will break down the lash glue prematurely.  

   3. Gently cleanse every 2-3 days
There are a few important aftercare instructions to prolong the life of your lashes. This includes keeping them free from moisture for 24 hours post-application, avoiding tugging at the extensions and combing your lashes every morning with a lash brush. However, arguably one of the most important steps is gently cleansing your lashes every few days. This will ensure you clean the lashes from any debris or bacteria build-up that may cause the glue to break down or worse yet, an eye infection. You’ll also notice how much better your extensions look when they are regularly cleaned properly. 
  4. Use gentle, circular motions and pat dry
You know the method you use when applying sunscreen? That’s the kind of vigorous application we want to avoid at all costs when it comes to cleaning lashes. Gently wash in a circular motion downwards over the eyelashes. Afterwards, rinse with fresh water until all product is removed. Never rub back and forth as this will be too harsh for the lashes and cause them to fall earlier than they naturally would. Once they’re clean, use a lint-free towel or paper towel to gently pat the lashes dry and then let them air dry. After they’re completely dry, you can then take your lash spool and brush them through. 

  5. Ensure makeup is removed from around lashes daily

This isn’t a full lash cleanse however if you wear makeup regularly – it’s important you clean the makeup from around your lash line every day. A handy way to do this is to dip a cotton bud into our foaming lash cleanser or another water-based cleanser – and clean as close to the lash line as possible. You should always avoid going to bed with foundation or eyeshadow still on around your lashes. 


Now that you know how to properly cleanse your eyelash extensions at home, you’ll notice your lashes last longer and look fuller between your appointments at D Sierra Lash. Co!


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