Eyelash Extensions and Showering

Your eyelash extensions are an investment in your beauty that you’ll want to preserve for as long as possible. While your daily shower is an essential part of a regular care routine, your eyelash extensions may not always be up for a rigorous cleaning. 

Yes, you can take showers with your extensions, but remember these tips in order to save yourself a premature maintenance trip.

Wait 8 Hours Before A Shower!

Whatever you do, don’t go home and hop directly into a tub or shower! Although water and your extensions are compatible, you should wait at least 8 hours before taking a dip in any body of water. 

This time allows the adhesive our estheticians use to properly set and ensure your lash’s stability. 

Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

Some people love to get a vigorous face scrubbing in the shower. Usually this results in heavy eye rubbing, which is never a good combination for your eyelashes. Any strong friction that you place on your eyelash extensions will weaken the adhesive and leave your lashe looking lopsided. 

Continue Your Eyelash Routine

Keep up your usual eyelash routine after your showers. Sure, the rest of your body may feel so fresh and clean, but that doesn’t mean your extensions are. Throughout the day, your skin creates natural oils that build up on your eyelashes. Since you can’t scrub down your eyes in the shower, your eyelash routine is essential for preservation. 

Either before or after your shower, pay attention to your lashes with a gentle cleansing from an eyelash cleanser and eye and makeup remover wipes. These products are gentle enough to keep your lash line looking great and feeling healthy.

Wash Up With the Right Products

Lots of body washes and other shower products contain oils that are damaging to your eyelash extensions. If these oily products get in contact with your lashes, your Texas heart will truly be broken when your adhesive quickly fails. 

If you’re unsure of the compatibility of your shower products with our adhesive, bring them by to your next appointment at D. Sierra Lash Co and we’ll let you know which products to keep and drop!

 Avoid Direct Contact With Shower Jets

This may seem like an obvious recommendation, but this is a common reason for ruined lash extensions. A strong shower head may create a relaxing shower, but if these jets come in contact with your beautiful extensions, the friction could damage the adhesive.

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